Toto Wolff doesn't believe Nico Rosberg is displaying more caution in his driving when going into wheel-to-wheel battle with team-mate Lewis Hamilton following their notorious clash at the 2014 Belgian Grand Prix.

Hamilton and Rosberg's fierce 2014 title battle came to a head during the Spa-Francorchamps race when Rosberg refused to yield around Les Combes and clipped Hamilton, forcing a puncture that ultimately led to a retirement.

With Rosberg publically criticised by Mercedes management after admitting he chose not to back out of the move, the German has since gone on to struggle to match Hamilton in a direct head-to-head, finishing ahead of him on the road in just four of the last 21 races.

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Indeed, with Rosberg losing out to Hamilton in the most recent Japanese Grand Prix after the better-starting Briton squeezed him wide through the opening bends, Rosberg's ability to prevail in on-track tussles with his team-mate has been called into question.

However, Wolff doesn't believe Rosberg is any less capable than before, dismissing the notion that the Spa incident still plays on his mind and suggesting his 'niceness' is mistaken as a weakness.

"We have seen races, in Bahrain and Spa, but it also shows how close they fight with each other," he said. "I wouldn't want to say that there is a tendency that when they fight, it is Lewis that comes out better. That is definitely not the case.

"We try to maintain a good relationship in the team and not have any animosity - this is when a driver appears to be nice and that it is seen as a weakness."

Wolff also believes Rosberg has not given up on the fight for the title, despite slipping 48 points adrift of Hamilton with five races of the season remaining.

"He has not given up. I think there is no way a driver will ever give it up unless it is mathematically not possible any more. For Nico's case, this is what I see."