Despite the absence of good results on track, Fernando Alonso has lavished praise on the McLaren-Honda team and its unrelenting efforts to bring the MP4-30 up to speed.

Alonso has so far cracked the top ten in just two of 14 races this season, the two-time world champion unable to make up the difference in driving performance at the wheel of the otherwise uncompetitive Honda-powered machine.

However, though Alonso has made his feelings about the car clear in recent races - in particular its lack of power -, he is nonetheless praiseworthy of the efforts going on behind the scenes to turn the package into a successful one, hailing the engineers as 'fantastic people'.

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"There are some projects and people that I am working with this year that are very, very clever - they are fantastic people. The performance, especially the power unit we started the season, was not at a level to compete so we have to make progress more rapidly than normal and more risks than normal. All of this has been done by very clever engineers and very clever people."

Suggesting the MP4-30 is now at its maximum level of extraction, Alonso says inadvertently adopting car development role in 2015 has seen him learn plenty.

"We arrive to a limitation - we need winter time now to change some of the structures of the power unit, but in terms of how to extract the maximum of this one has been done.

"It has been interesting to be part of this process as a driver, the same with the way the team is working on the chassis side, the aerodynamics, with Peter [Prodromou] with a completely different approach to what I'm used to. The whole team is committed to one thing and everyone is working in one direction so this is a fantastic feeling."