Ron Dennis feels the tight Formula 1 regulations on testing are suffocating McLaren Honda developments which is one of the reasons why his team has remained uncompetitive this season.

McLaren has endured a torrid 2015 in F1 as new collaborators Honda struggle to get its power unit up to speed, with drivers Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button securing just four points finishes in the 14 races so far this year.

Dennis says he's irritated by the current testing rules which were brought in to reduce costs but he feels they have had the opposite effect and is calling for a change in the regulations.

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"I think the frustrations I have with the regulations is that everything that has been designed to reduce costs has increased it," Dennis said. "This is primarily because the cost of getting durability is endless evaluation on dynos and test cells. I would like to go testing, I would like to have freedom in wind tunnels, freedom in CFD."

Dennis is confident McLaren can return to being competitive in the near future but feels with the current testing rules are curtailing the team's rate of development.

"When you are uncompetitive you have to develop your way out of it and at the moment the regulations are extremely constraining in that area."