Daniil Kvyat insists that he is focusing solely on the short-term as rumours continue to swirl around the Red Bull F1 team.

While the Russian has made a good impression in his debut season as Sebastian Vettel's replacement with the four-time world champion constructor - finishing second in Hungary and fourth in Belgium - the team's own future remains in doubt as it pursues a competitive alternative to its current Renault engines.

With a divorce from the French giant imminent, RBR is hoping to land a supply of Ferrari V6s for 2016 and beyond, but has reportedly only been offered a lower-spec unit. Determined to be able to return to the level of its championship-winning years, team owners have issued repeated threats to pull out of the sport if a different deal cannot be agreed.

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Despite the additional pressure of having two rising stars elsewhere on Red Bull's F1 roster, Kvyat - who crashed heavily in qualifying last time out at Suzuka - says he remains focused on doing what he can to improve the team's fortunes in the short term, aware that it has more pressing issues than tying up driver contracts.

"I am just doing my job," he said, after a lengthy pause, "I am just thinking about today - and doing my best today - because worrying about the future right now would not help me so much.

"Doing our best in every race will be more helpful than worrying, so we try to make the most out of it in all of the remaining races and then I guess there are some people in the team that will have to make some decisions. But it is not my decision and, for sure, I am not thinking about it too much."

Asked whether he has any back-up plan in place should Red Bull quit - or even if either Max Verstappen or Carlos Sainz be drafted into the senior team - Kvyat insisted that he was happy to let things play out confident in his relationship with his long-time backer.

"Me and Red Bull have worked together for such a long time," he pointed out, "You are definitely more worried than myself about this! I have completely no problems about my future at the moment. My future is Friday, Saturday and Sunday and then, whatever happens next, I don't care...."

Regardless of his own future, however, Kvyat acknowledges that F1 would be the poorer should Red Bull follow through on its threat to quit the sport.

"Of course, Red Bull has only been in F1 a short time but already has a strong history - with very big achievements," he reasoned, "My dream is to win with Red Bull Racing one day so, obviously, I want them to stay. It is normal.

"The team is made of fighters and we will fight until the end - whatever happens. I think it is all going to be fine in the end. It is just matter of time to take the right decisions, but you never know. But, once again, these are more questions for people who are in charge of taking these decisions."