Pastor Maldonado admits he is becoming nervous about his future and that of the Lotus F1 team, saying he doesn't have firm assurances about next year as yet.

Last month, the Venezuelan was confirmed as having had the option on his contract with Lotus taken up for the 2016 season, but the team is also currently in negotiations to be purchased by Renault.

Though Renault has signed a 'letter of intent' to purchase Lotus, it isn't clear how much closer the French manufacturer is to completing the deal with only five rounds of the 2015 season remaining.

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With this in mind, Maldonado admits something that seemed 'simple' earlier in the year is now beginning to drag on, leaving some doubt in his mind.

"Who knows?", he responded when asked whether he had been given assurances about racing next season. "It's tough to say. Negotiations are still going on. It was looking like something simpler at the beginning of the season, now it's getting long. Maybe it's something that should happen soon, who knows?

"In these kind of negotiations there are always ups and downs, you never know, you are never sure. I just wish the best for the team and we are fully ready to work in any conditions."

With current team-mate Romain Grosjean having already confirmed he will be exiting Lotus-Renault in favour of a move to the new Haas team, Maldonado hopes any potential team-mate will maintain the good harmony in the team.

"I hope to have a good team-mate who permits the team to work together as the team philosophy. If Renault is coming we will start not from zero but nearly there, so we will need a good atmosphere and good drivers which will be very competitive and pushing the team very hard to reach a good level immediately."