Lewis Hamilton says he finds it 'odd' that Red Bull Racing would walk away from Formula 1 less than two years after winning the F1 title because it cannot secure an engine supply.

With five rounds of the 2015 season remaining, Red Bull has made it clear it is considering pulling itself and the sister Toro Rosso team out of F1 if it cannot secure a competitive engine supply for next season in the wake of its split with Renault.

It is a threat that has raised concern - if not sympathy - amongst rival teams, with many acknowledging how much of a blow it would be to F1, but largely placing the blame on the action of Red Bull Racing itself.

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For defending champion Hamilton - who last season broke Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull Racing's four-year stranglehold on the world title -, the prospect of Red Bull quitting over its failure to sustain its championship-winning success is one irks him.

"It seems really odd for me having witnessed Red Bull's success and then the moment they don't have success they are upset about it," he said. "I've not seen that with any other team. Growing up watching F1, I never knew of Ferrari losing the championship after success, then complaining the next year."

Indeed, Hamilton believes Red Bull Racing has a stronger driver and team set up than deserves to be wound down.

"Teams need to keep pushing forward. They have no reason to give up - they have great drivers, great pedigree, incredible success and still have a pretty awesome car. All those people that have jobs, getting rid of those people through something that isn't the 'biggest thing'... they can still have success, they just have to work hard at it."