Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton have hailed Mercedes ahead of this weekend's Russian Grand Prix, where the team stands on the verge of successfully retaining the F1 Constructors' title.

Mercedes come to Sochi, for round 15 out of 19, with 506 points on the board, 169 more than closest rivals Ferrari. It means as long as it can leave having increased its lead to 172 points, it will again be guaranteed the Constructors'.

"Yeah, it is one of the aims of this weekend, to try to clinch that," Rosberg said. "It will be special to be able to do it again in such a manner, such a dominating manner. Really awesome job by the team. And again to have the chance to close it down so early.

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"But, of course Ferrari has been strong recently, very, very strong even, so we need to be cautious, we still need to work hard, get the best out of it but of course we're optimistic."

"It's amazing to think we will do it again," Hamilton added. "The year has gone by so quickly. Before we know it, it will be Christmas and we will be rolling out the new car. Last year we were sitting here and saying this is the best year we have ever had and to think we went into this year thinking we couldn't surpass it, but we have."

Meanwhile, Hamilton also praised the team's strong work ethic and said how pleased he is that he decided to join Mercedes at the end of 2012.

"I think people take for granted what an amazing job a team can do. It doesn't have to be F1, it can be a business or anywhere but the one thing I get to see is how on point every individual has been in this team since I joined," he continued. "For them to see the fruits of their labour in the last couple of years... it is very easy for a team to have the success they had last year and drop the ball the next year and get complacent. This team continues to power through and every individual in this team wants to do this job to the best of their ability and push the boundaries.

"We are at a weekend like this where we are fighting for the world championship and are able to say we are the best. They can go back to their kids and say 'I built the best car' and we are the best team, which is what everyone wants."

"I am very privileged to be a part of it. I honestly felt that when I decided to come to this team that we would have this... I didn't know at which point, but I am very grateful that I came," he concluded.