Fernando Alonso insists his commitment to the McLaren-Honda project was demonstrated behind closed doors before the Japanese Grand Prix when he saw the progress being made at the factory, saying his outburst at Suzuka shouldn't diminish his faith the team.

Alonso's candid messages over the team radio during the Japanese race - in the presence of Honda's management - drew criticism from McLaren CEO Ron Dennis and prompted the Spaniard to clarify his words in the hours after the race.

Broached on the subject again ahead of the Russian Grand Prix, Alonso admits his comments came during the heat of the moment, but they should not be considered a slight against the team itself, saying his visit to the factory Sakura in the days leading to the Japanese race better represents his commitment to the project.

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"I think the most important part of the Suzuka weekend was on Wednesday when I visited the Sakura factory and I saw the engine programme for next year. When we had very long meetings and we went through all the difficulties that we are facing right now and all the possible solutions that we want for next year, so that was the most important part of the weekend and the messages that I think were important in the weekend, and those were very, very clear and were much clearer than Sunday.

"On Sunday, it was just the frustration of - as I said - racing and just the competition against the others. Nothing new, because we know where we are lacking and we then define what problems are.

"The important thing is to go forward and to be positive for next year and as I said, the meetings in the week before Suzuka were the ones that for the Honda guys is if it's the question or if you concern what the Honda people thought in Suzuka on Sunday, I think on Wednesday it was much more important than Sunday."