Jenson Button says he isn't concerning himself over McLaren's decision to give Fernando Alonso priority with its latest specification Honda power unit.

Despite limited mileage in FP1 after a course cleaner dropped diesel on the Sochi Autodrom venue, Alonso was still able to get miles on an updated Honda power unit.

Though McLaren has changed back to a current specification power unit on Alonso's car with a view to using the new unit in one of the final four events instead, the Englishman admits his team-mate will still get to race with its first.

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Despite this, Button - who confirmed he would be staying at McLaren in the run up to the Russian Grand Prix - understands why the team has chosen such an approach since it is keen to roll out updates onto track as swiftly as possible.

"The engine is for another race, but he will have it for that race and I won't. We need to get it on one of the cars and see what it gives us and mine will follow at the next grand prix after that."

"I think just in a team you like to keep it equal but in the position we're in we need to get the engines in the back of the car, we need to do a lot of mileage to see how it is for the future, for next year. So the next few races are going to be testing for us, they're going to be very difficult."

Looking ahead to the final four races in the United States, Mexico, Brazil and Abu Dhabi, Button identifies the American event at the Circuit of the Americas as being his best chance of getting back into the top ten.

"The only race that I think we could have a chance of doing OK is probably Austin and after that this car is going to be a test bed.

"We're doing our best to get everything out of the car and to get the best result possible, but simply it will be a lot of testing for us and doing things that maybe you wouldn't normally do in a season with a car and with the engine to make sure we are in the right place for next year."