Carlos Sainz says he remembers everything about his high-speed accident during free practice for the Russian Grand Prix as he went from hospital bed to very nearly scoring a top ten finish in less than 24 hours.

The Spaniard lost his Toro Rosso under braking for turn 13 during FP3 before spearing nose-first into the Tecpro barrier in an impact that was measured at 48g. Of particular concern, however, was the way the car shifted the Tecpro barrier over the front of the car to trap Sainz.

Despite the severity and speed of the accident - as well as the lengthy process to remove the barriers and extricate him from the car -, Sainz was unhurt, with the local hospital discharging him later that day and permitting him to race.

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Going on to line up at the back of the field, Sainz was in contention for points when his car developed brake problems and forced him to retire.

Reflecting on the crash, Sainz - who confirms he was conscious throughout - says he remembers losing the rear under braking for the corner, which comes after the long back straight and being passenger as he headed for the barriers.

"The first thing I did when I got to the hospital was look at the crash to see exactly what happened - although I could remember perfectly what had happened," he said. I remember changing my brake shape before turn 13 and, just when I hit the brakes, I lost the rear of the car, hitting the barrier and the approach to the next barrier...

"I remember it perfectly and, fortunately or unfortunately, I watched the accident and saw that everything happened as my mind was remembering, so good news.

Admitting to being alarmed by the way the barriers trapped him, he is nonetheless confident it will prompt revisions to stop it from happening again.

"[The barrier issue] will come up for sure in the next drivers meeting and then for sure it is something we need to keep looking [at]. I was lucky that nothing happened to me, but it took a while to get me out.

"I was always conscious, always knowing what was going on. Obviously, my main concern at that point was to let everyone know that I was fine - I was even downshifting, putting neutral in the car to let my engineers know that I was moving and doing everything because the radio was not working and I think that is why everything was so tense and hectic at that moment."