Adrian Newey has reiterated that rivals could ultimately force Red Bull Racing out of Formula 1 since they won't supply their engines out of 'fear'.

Red Bull participation in the sport remains very much in doubt after both Mercedes and Ferrari both denied a supply of their engines on the basis that it doesn't want to assist a main rival with the latest specification units, though the latter did offer a supply akin to that given to Sauber and Haas.

With the Austrian team refusing that offer, Red Bull - which cancelled its current supply with Renault after criticising it for its speed and reliability compared with its rivals - has repeatedly aired its frustration with its rivals for being unwilling to meet its demands.

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Indeed, with the Red Bull-owned Speedweek website publishing an editorial piece in which it questioned what Mercedes and Ferrari's success is 'worth' if its only rivals are Sauber and Manor, Red Bull designer Newey has reiterated that 'fear' is driving the refusals.

"We're possibly going to be forced out of Formula One -- Mercedes and Ferrari have refused to supply us out of fear," Newey told Reuters. "Red Bull should not be put in a position where they're only there to make up the numbers."

Though rumours over the Russian Grand Prix weekend hinted Red Bull could attempt to reconcile with Renault, Newey believes the relationship has turned too sour for that to occur now.

"Unfortunately, our relationship with Renault is pretty terminal -- there's been too much of a marriage breakdown, so we have no engine. Improvement is needed, but there has been no clear direction on how to achieve that."


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Any racing team will guard any advantage that it has and understandably will not willingly give away that advantage.
It is generally considered that Red Bull had the best aero package and to guard this ensured that their designers could not leave and directly join another team.
Is that not also through fear of their rivals?