Pirelli says it is close to being granted the testing programme it has requested next year in preparation for the 2017 Formula 1 World Championship season.

On the weekend the Italian tyre firm was officially confirmed as retaining its tender as the control tyre supplier for 2017 through to 2019, measures can now be taken to prepare for the impending change in technical regulations in 2017.

Having made it clear it would consider its own future in the sport if it was not given the necessary testing time to trial 2017 specification rubber, which is almost certainly set to change ahead of what is expected to be a more aggressive technical framework.

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However, though the 'precise plans' are still not yet determined, Hembery is confident he will be getting his desired 16 days of in-season testing next season.

"There's no precise plans but we are going through the process to ensure that there are suitable testing days to develop tyres for 2017," he said. "For 2016, we are finalising a plan to do some testing for a new supersoft and also we want to make some slight structural changes to the tyre, and that's something that's being finalised at the moment."