Pirelli's Paul Hembery says modifications to the tyres alone can contribute upwards of three seconds towards Formula 1's plan to make cars five seconds quicker per lap in 2017.

A 'radical' new set of regulations are currently being devised for 2017, with the primary objective to make the cars look more aggressive and lap up to five seconds faster.

With Pirelli confirmed as having retained its tender to supply F1 until 2019, measures are now being taken to confirm the exact specification of the rubber, which is expected to have wider dimensions.

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Indeed, while some have queried how F1 intends to slice five seconds from each lap, Hembery says there is as much as three seconds to be gained from modifications to the tyres alone, with aero and engine tweaks making up the rest.

"It's certainly looking like wider tyres - the actual precise dimension has changed a little bit. We're talking though of a 300mm-width front and a 400mm rear and that's staying with 13 inch rims. There's a simulation where we've now got to provide some data on what that will provide in terms of grip model for the teams so they can work out how much performance they can get from the tyre.

"It's probably two, maybe three seconds from the tyre, and then based on that they'll modify the aero regulations and maybe some engine regulations. To obtain the five seconds [overall] is what we're trying to achieve."

Indeed, Hembery says Pirelli could reduce lap times with changes to the current specification of Pirelli tyres if it was asked to.

"In reality even with the current tyre you could find a performance change if you went on looking for performance. There are technologies you could apply that focus more on performance, so going to a wider tyre as well means a bigger footprint so of course so that means you get more performance."