Lewis Hamilton says he is willing to throw his support behind attempts to shake up the format of a Formula 1 race weekend following disrupted events in Japan and Russia.

Rain at Suzuka and a track contamination in Sochi played their part in almost washing out any meaningful track action on the first day of the Japanese and Russian race weekends, with several drivers admitting there is very little to learn on occasions like this at this late stage in the season.

It has subsequently raised discussion over whether the current race weekend format should be considered for tweaking to encourage track action for fans even when there are adverse weather conditions.

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Indeed, it is known changes to the race weekend format are being discussed behind the scenes for 2016 and 2017, but while qualifying races and reverse grids have been mooted, the exact details remain unknown.

Either way, 2015 F1 champion-elect Hamilton says he is supportive of a potential overhaul, offering his own suggestion that different events could offer special formats to give drivers something new to fight for depending on the race.

"As a Formula 1 fan, 1000 per cent [I'd support changes]," he said. "It's been the same Thursday, Friday, Saturday pretty much and Sunday for the whole nine years that I've been here. Qualifying might have changed a little bit, but generally the format's been exactly the same.

"I think it would be kind of neat if one weekend's going to be 'super weekend' and then the next weekend's going to be something different, like alternated grid positions. It would be neat if, each weekend, you knew you were not going to do the same thing. I think that would be pretty cool, but I don't think it's ever going to happen."