Nico Rosberg says drivers are open to the idea of shaking up the tyre strategies again from 2017 following the confirmation that Pirelli will stay on as supplier for another three years, with two and three stop races set to make a return.

Having worked to a brief of supplying higher degradation tyres when it replaced Bridgestone as the F1 control manufacturer from 2011 in an effort to force more stops and encourage different strategies, Pirelli however came in for criticism in the wake of several high profile failures.

However, with Pirelli contending that it had been unable to test its tyres thoroughly enough due to imposed restrictions, the prospect of in-season testing next year means it is likely to return to a similarly aggressive format for 2017, this time with blessing from the teams.

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"We can only do what they want. The teams and the commercial rights holders want us to get to two or three pit-stops again, a performance gain of two or three seconds," said Pirelli F1 boss Paul Hembery.

Though Hembery says he can expect some opposition from drivers, he wants them to get involved in testing during 2016 to get an idea of what the tyres will offer.

"The drivers have to be involved in the testing and we need a strong understanding of what is being done and why it is being done. It is not us saying we are doing it on our own, it is because their employers are asking us. It is important for us to have access to some of the top drivers for testing, because they need to understand what is happening to buy into the process of definition.

Indeed, Rosberg says drivers are open to more communication with Pirelli to ensure that what is being offered will be beneficial for F1.

"We need to make sure the fans love the sport, that is what we need to be sure of," he said. "Therefore we need to discuss what they want and are looking for. 2017 is the opportunity to make a change if it is necessary."