Daniel Ricciardo says he is relaxed about the decision not to run Renault's upgraded power unit in the United States this weekend due to the minimal gains it is offering.

The French firm has used the majority of its tokens upgrading its power unit for the final four races, though Red Bull has been hesitant about using it after it was predicted it would only offer gains of up to 0.2secs.

As a result, Red Bull has decided not to change its engine this weekend - which would have necessitated a grid penalty - and with no upgrade available for Mexico either, it can only make its debut at the penultimate Brazilian event.

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Despite this, Ricciardo says he would rather start further up the grid, particularly if wet weather remains for Sunday and makes visibility a factor.

"If Sunday is wet, visibility is so hard when you start at the back and I would rather start towards the front. Even if you have less power, that over-weighs the lack of visibility.

"Realistically, if it was a chunk like four tenths or five tenths, it probably would have been an easy decision to make. Because it isn't massive, we need to weigh it up. It is what it is"