Christian Horner has confirmed the Volkswagen Group did enter into talks with Red Bull Racing over a potential collaboration in the future, but admits such a deal now seems less likely in the wake of the 'emissions scandal'.

Reports ahead of last month's Singapore Grand Prix suggested that VW were poised to sign off on an F1 entry - most likely under the Audi banner -, with speculation stating that the German firm would essentially take over the Red Bull team, with the four-time title winning outfit assuming a sponsor-partner role.

Days later, however, it VW would become publically embroiled in the 'emissions scandal' that has resulted in mass recalls and likely to leave it facing sizeable fines, putting any potential F1 bid very much in doubt.

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Horner has now officially confirmed that Red Bull has opened a dialogue with VW about a partnership, adding that 'promises were made'. However, Horner concedes F1 is unlikely to be a priority for it now.

"There has been discussion with the VW Group, but obviously - with their current issues - probably Formula One is the last thing on their mind. There were other discussions that will become apparent no doubt in the future as well, other promises that were made.

"There's an awful lot of speculation and conjecture about our situation at the moment. Once everything is finalised I'm sure it will all become extremely clear."