Nico Rosberg has reiterated his accusation that Lewis Hamilton drove into him at the start of the United States Grand Prix, saying the newly crowned world champion went 'one step too far'.

On the day that saw Hamilton crowned world champion for a third time after Rosberg's off with eight laps to go opened the door for his Mercedes team-mate to claim victory at the Circuit of the Americas, the German remained preoccupied by their clash at the start of the race.

Occurring when Hamilton slipped up the inside of turn one and understeered wide into Rosberg, the German was forced onto the run off, dropping him to fifth place. Fighting back to take the lead later in the race, Rosberg then ran off by himself late on to hand victory to Hamilton.

Branding the more 'extremely aggressive' in the immediate aftermath of the race, Rosberg has not lessened his opinion having now seen replays, saying he went 'too far'.

"He didn't leave enough space and drove into me, which was one step too far because I was leading in the middle of the corner. But this is something we can discuss together as a team at another time. I need to recover now from this tough day but I'm sure I will.

Hamilton, meanwhile, says he sees no reason for Rosberg's grievance, saying he had the inside line but not the grip he expected.

"I didn't try and push him hard, it wasn't intentional. I just watched the replay, we were both on wets and the outside is always the grippier side so Nico had the grippier line, but I was ahead so it was my line. We went in and I started to turn but I understeered into him, he steered round and we touched.

"I don't feel like I was aggressive. At the end of the day I was on the inside so it was my line. Of course there is always those comments that come up but I would never intentionally do something like that to my team-mate."


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I have only raced in Formula Ford, but on a wet track going round a left hand corner, you don't want to be on the right of another car, the inside car will push wide ( under steer ) one of the first rules of racing.

He should be given points on his licence and made to start from last in Mexico!