Bernie Ecclestone has teased that plans are afoot to expand Formula 1's race reach in the United States with a second event in Southern California.

The F1 superemo has long spoken of his desire to expand F1 in the United States, but whilst the nation returned to the schedule in 2012 at the Circuit of the Americas - the US' first purpose built venue for F1 -, plans for another have often stuttered.

Indeed, a race in New Jersey has been under consideration for some time and contracts have been signed, but as yet it has not materialised into anything more than a proposal and appears increasingly unlikely to ever occur.

Nonetheless, Ecclestone is pushing forth with his plans, suggesting he wants 'three or four races' across the country to firm F1's appeal. Pushed on being more specific, Ecclestone says Southern California has been a raised as a potential candidate.

"It's important," he said. "I wish we had more races here. History wise, we left America before, we left Watkins Glen, it was a lovely event but they had a terrible memory and forgot to pay us. We had the same sort of problem at Long Beach. A few places have come up. Southern California."

It isn't clear whether such a race would need to involve another new venue being constructed, but a city street race is likely to be considered preferable. Beyond that, the existing Mazda Raceway in Monterey - better known as Laguna Seca - has been rumoured, though the Mazda-owned venue would require significant lengthening and updating to bring it up to F1


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MrGray good idea the whole east coast would go .I met people from all over the USA Europe at Cota this past weekend I'm sure Road Atlanta would work .but the Money can they work a deal like COTA did with the state of TEXAS on state tax funds ?

Laguna Seca can't pay for WSS or when MotoGP was there Moto 2 or Moto3 they don't have and it looks like won't be getting any new funding to build the required garages .they (the track management people) like Scramp who are no money volunteers to keep running the racing events to a slow downward spiral that will make it a regional track only.I've heard all of this bull before Bernie about getting more events ! remember we had 4 F1 races I think it was 1982 like Bernie said Long Beach and Watkins Glen forgot to pay him .F1is in America a loosing long term investment up to now maybe Cota can make a long term go of it this past weekend with hurricane Patricia was a weather nightmare but we still had a great time !they actually opened the pit lane to everyone that is the 1st time that has occurred since Phoenix in 1991 when we could buy a paddock /pit pass to look at the cars everyone who was there loved it ! probably won't happen again .