Sergio Perez says he plans to feed off of the positive pressure on him to perform in front of his home fans as the Mexican Grand Prix makes a welcomed return in Formula 1 after a 23-year absence.

The Mexican driver is set to make his home debut in F1 at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez this weekend and is hailing it as the biggest race of his career as he swells with pride to race in front of his home crowds for the first time in 12 year after switching to Europe to pursue his career.

Perez says he is feeling the pressure to perform in front of his fellow countrymen but hopes to use it as an encouraging force as he prepares for the first F1 Mexican Grand Prix since 1992.

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"I think it is very positive pressure," Perez said in the F1 drivers' press conference. "Obviously there is a lot of pressure but I take it as positive and there will be some friendly support for me. All I have to do is what I do every weekend: focus on myself.

"Once I put the helmet on it is time to focus on what I am doing. I will do the normal procedures I do during the race weekend. There is a lot of pressure but positive and it will give me good motivation to do well this weekend."

Perez believes the race is likely to be one he will never forget regardless of the result he can produce and hails the event as 'a dream come true'.

"It is a big dream for me to race in my home country," he added. "It has been more than 12 years since I last raced in my country. It is going to be the biggest day of my career on Sunday because to race in front my home country is something very special - you know how Mexicans are!

"It is going to be the most special day of my career no matter what result I get on Sunday and I really hope I can get a great result for the fans. It will be a dream come true to race on Sunday in front of my crowd."