Red Bull drivers Daniel Ricciardo and Daniil Kvyat have come out in unity in demanding clarity on the Virtual Safety Car rules and potential changes after losing out during the United States Grand Prix.

Ricciardo was jumped by Mercedes driver Nico Rosberg at the restart of the first Virtual Safety Car period in Austin and has since admitted he didn't know when the race returned to green flag conditions, making him a sitting duck for the German.

The Australian also felt matters were made worse when race leader Lewis Hamilton backed the pack up by going 'four or five seconds' slower than the required delta time, allowing the cars to catch one another rather than theoretically maintain the same time distance.

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"I was just confused when it was green basically, when it ended," Ricciardo said. "My engineer came on the radio and said VSC ending and that is normally like a 10-second warning, so I was aware it was going to end soon. I had a look for the boards.

"I have never really had it in the past but I didn't get anything that race, but I don't know if that is an internal thing or an issue with the VSC itself."

Both Red Bull drivers are seeking assurances that the Virtual Safety Car procedure will be made clearer in the future and is asking for a minimum speed limit to be introduced as well as a maximum speed limit to prevent cars from bunching together.

"It is the first year of it so we are trying to understand what works and what doesn't, but it is nice to find little hurdles, it's the only way we can improve it," Ricciardo explained. "We will get more opinions in the drivers' briefing and get a minimum.

"I know Rosberg caught us as a pack because we were positive, I think four or five seconds slower, so that was already bad and then my biggest one is when he passed me, I didn't realise we were green. I think the minimum will be proposed."

Kvyat feels the current regulations can be unfair to some drivers and the Red Bulls were made to bear the brunt of it in Austin.

"We suddenly found Nico Rosberg being quite far away from us and suddenly he was on our tail," Kvyat said. "Lewis Hamilton was leading, he wasn't really following his target so all guys behind started to catch. I think we will get clarification from Charlie [Whiting, F1 race director], this was my first impression so far, it's not a big deal, and it's very easily corrected."