Jean Todt says the FIA is doing 'as much as it can do' to ensure Red Bull Racing and Scuderia Toro Rosso remain on the grid in 2016, but admits he is frustrated its engine dilemma hasn't yet been resolved.

Red Bull's engine crisis has been much discussed, with the four-time championship winning team ending its partnership with Renault a year earlier than planned, only to be rejected by both Mercedes and Ferrari for a 2016 supply.

Left with limited options, Honda has since been mooted, though it is understood McLaren is trying to block such a deal, while Red Bull has been reluctant to accept the original Ferrari offer of a 2015 specification engine which is likely to go to Toro Rosso.

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Prompting several quit threats from Red Bull owner Dietrich Mateschitz, though many - including Todt - are optimistic Red Bull will be racing in 2016, he says he is disappointed that sourcing an engine has been so difficult.

"We are doing as much as we can do," said the FIA President. "It's very frustrating to see teams like Red Bull and Toro Rosso struggling to get an engine. Saying that, I don't want to judge on that, so probably you have always risen to something that has happened, but we must be as supportive as we can be to allow ourselves to be at the first race next year with both teams with an engine."

Todt also touched upon the lack of clarity regarding Renault's proposed return as a fully-fledged manufacturer through a potential buy-out of Lotus. Saying he would be surprised if they don't go ahead with the move having already taken a 'step', he is hopeful the French firm will indeed be present in 2016.

"As the president of the FIA and a motor sport enthusiast, I was very concerned what could be their decision but I was very pleased when I thought they were willing to go to the next step.

"Renault being very serious and a well organised company, I would be very surprised, after they have decided to go to this next step, if they would not go further. The decision is down to them, but we should all be very pleased and thankful of their decision to go to the next step now."