Lewis Hamilton says the lack of grip around the Autodromos Hermanos Rodriguez means he doesn't expect there to be 'great racing' for the first Mexican Grand Prix in 23 years.

The newly crowned champion has made repeated reference to the slippery nature of the revamped circuit, with several drivers experiencing off track moments and spins, not least Hamilton himself.

Set to start the Mexican Grand Prix from second on the grid, behind Mercedes team-mate Nico Rosberg, Hamilton hasn't been glowing in his opinion of the venue, saying there isn't enough grip, especially in the slower part of the infield.

Indeed, whilst Hamilton expects plenty of overtaking down the 1.2km home straight, he doesn't believe the rest of the lap is conducive to close competition.

"It isn't very fast so it isn't more fun. When you have an unstable balance and the car is constantly moving it is challenging

"Just because we want more grip, doesn't mean we don't want to be able to follow the car in front. Because we have less grip, we will be following less. We have less downforce and there is no mechanical grip. We need mechanical grip, so for this track we need better tyres, maybe unique for this track. Already we sliding around on our own, so when we get into turbulent air it will be double.

"That is what is making me think is that there isn't going to be great racing apart from down the straight because you can tow someone from miles away. Instead, you will be sliding around in that middle section and the guy in front who may have clear air is going to pull away.

"When I say I want more grip, it is because I want to be able to follow, not because I want it to be boring for you guys."