Kimi Raikkonen says he is unconcerned that Valtteri Bottas escaped punishment for their coming together in the Mexican Grand Prix, their second collision in three races.

The Finns controversially clashed on the final lap of the Russian Grand Prix last month, with Raikkonen tagging Bottas' right-rear to spin him out of the race. The Ferrari driver would then go on to be penalised with a 25secs post-race penalty.

In their latest clash, however, it was Raikkonen that would come off worse, Bottas' attempt to get down the inside of turn five prompting contact that would break Raikkonen's rear suspension and put him out of the race. With stewards quickly declaring it as a race incident, Bottas went on to finish third.

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Despite the disparate stewards' decisions in the two clashes, Raikkonen was refusing to dwell on his second consecutive DNF, accepting the outcome and suggesting Bottas will 'feel better' about their Sochi coming together now.

"Obviously everybody has their own view, but in the end that's racing and that's what happened. We have different Stewards all the time and, like I said, if you take ten people, five will see it one way and the other five will see it another way. It's part of the game and we came off worse out of it. That's life, nothing is going to change anymore, our end result doesn't change.

"What has happened, has happened. Maybe now he feels better about what happened in Russia, I have nothing against anybody."

Even so, Raikkonen feels Bottas could have avoided the contact had he taken more kerb on the inside of the corner.

"There was not much room, but if he'd gone a bit more over the kerb on the inside there would be enough room. It was a racing situation, he's done what he's done and now it won't change anything to talk about it."

Bottas, meanwhile, doesn't feel he needs to clear the air with Raikkonen, despite another controversial incident

"No, I don't know if there is anything to really speak about. For me we were racing hard obviously and what I am used to in those kind of situations when there is enough space for two cars go into a chicane for them to get through like that but this time there wasn't.

"Of course I'm fighting for the position and was calculating the risk and there a possibility to get through but it is not like this. I don't think there is anything to speak about."