Christian Horner has revealed Honda is 'keen' to supply its power units to the team in 2016, though McLaren is remaining steadfast in blocking such a deal.

With Mercedes and Ferrari refusing to offer an engine supply for 2016 and current provider Renault seemingly not an option either as the two parties sort the terms of their divorce, Red Bull's hopes of a prominent engine deal appears to rest with Honda.

With news of discussions between Red Bull and Honda emerging over the United States Grand Prix weekend, Horner confirmed as much in Mexico by saying Honda is 'keen' to offer a supply in a deal that is also being supported by the FIA and FOM if it keeps the four-time title winning team on the grid.

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"Honda are very keen but unfortunately they have a contractual status that is between them and McLaren and has nothing to do with us. It's for them to decide amongst themselves what they want to do."

"I haven't spoken to anyone at McLaren other than Ron Dennis, who is the one guy who has the right of say there. His views were quite clear

However, despite the positive discussions between Red Bull and Honda, McLaren's opposition remains a significant hurdle to clear, with Eric Boullier saying the matter is of 'no debate', adding that McLaren isn't a 'charity' to support Red Bull.

"I'm going to repeat myself, as partner we have to agree on strategies so this is not a question of trying to say 'Ron says no' or 'Arai says yes' there is no debate on this.

"Clearly there is an issue with Red Bull which was created by Red Bull and not by anybody else and we are not a charity foundation so we are not here to help. We are not going to go into this debate so today there is discussions."