Sebastian Vettel says he will have a lot more input at Ferrari next season and is hopeful the team can make a "big step".

Vettel made the decision to move from Red Bull to the Scuderia at the end of 2014 and conceded there was always going to be a period of adjustment.

He also added that by the time he joined a lot of key decisions had obviously already been taken with the SF15-T, Ferrari's 2015 F1 car.

"A lot more," he replied, when quizzed on what input he will have in 2016. "You don't join the team until you join the team, so a lot of decisions had already been taken, so were taken when I was there already...

"[But] the season we have had so far has been phenomenal when you consider where the team was last year and the situation that we faced at the beginning with a lot of new people, a lot of change of position in the factory. Not that easy to digest for a team, but it has been great.

"Really strong getting the team together, so I am quite confident and hope that next year is a big step."

Vettel has managed to take three wins so far this year - along with nine other podiums - but knows Ferrari needs to make further progress to take the fight to Mercedes.

Asked to elaborate on what he will be pushing for, he added: "I don't want to say, but if you look at the organisation, there has been a lot of work going to get the team together as there are a lot of new people.

"These things take time just so everybody understands what to do. That has been the main challenge this year for the whole team. I was new at the beginning, so people needed to understand my language when I talk about that car.

"There is a possibility for us to improve. We have done a massive step on the engine and that is ongoing. If you look at the car we are not yet where we want to be, we want the best engine and best car, so there is plenty more to do. It is not secret that we need more downforce than we currently have but it is more the organisation behind to allow yourself in the future to extract the maximum."


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