Fernando Alonso says McLaren shouldn't be forced to get involved with Red Bull Racing's attempts to source an engine supply next season following discussions with Honda about a potential deal.

Having been turned down by both Ferrari and Mercedes in its efforts to secure an engine supply for 2016, Red Bull subsequently entered talks with Honda over a possible agreement.

However, though the Japanese firm views such a deal as being an opportunity to multiply development of its much maligned power unit, McLaren has expressed its disapproval since it regards its deal with Honda to be exclusive.

Indeed, Alonso says he sides with McLaren over the issue, saying that since Red Bull's engine woes have been self-inflicted, it shouldn't be seeking to disrupt other partnerships in order to stay competitive, particularly given the development the team has already completed.

"To give engines to another team and all the knowledge that we put together is a little bit unfair. "I don't think that McLaren or Honda should be in the middle of this because it is a Red Bull issue that they have found themselves in. Apparently they don't want a year-old Ferrari engine, so they won't want this year's Honda engine for next year. It's their problem and not our problem.

Indeed, though McLaren-Honda has struggled for form throughout the season, Alonso says he is 'proud' of the progress the two parties have since made as a team.

"In my opinion we are happy as a team to work together and start this new project, this comeback of the McLaren-Honda partnership and we have helped each other a lot. McLaren has helped Honda a lot and Honda have helped McLaren a lot in this year at tough moments and the team has been very united even if sometimes there were rumours here and there that there were tensions.

"I'm very proud of how we worked this year and the interaction of the cultures, the two companies and everything has been much better than anyone can imagine."