Daniil Kvyat says Red Bull is justified in its efforts to push for the most competitive package as possible for 2016, even if he understands why rivals have intervened to scupper potential deals.

With the latest twist in the ongoing Red Bull engine saga pointing towards a reconciliation with current supplier Renault, Kvyat has expressed a frustration that the team has been backed into a corner by refusals from both Ferrari and Mercedes to offer current specification power units.

Indeed, the Russian driver feels the four-time title winning team 'deserves' the chance to continue racing with a competitive package even if it poses a threat to rivals.

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"First of all we deserve a competitive package. Not many people want us to have a competitive package because they know our value. There are a lot of things going on behind the scenes I guess but it's not really part of my job. So I just try to deliver and try to focus on the things I can have influence on. Those kind of things I can't have any influence on."

With the sister Toro Rosso outfit understood to be close to a deal for year-old Ferrari units, should Red Bull go ahead and continue using Renault engines, Kvyat says he doesn't want to entertain a scenario that could well see the 'B team' prove more competitive in 2016.

"Obviously it was very close this year at most of the races. We have just been slightly ahead and we have just managed to score more points. I don't know at the moment what the situation is going to be, what will be under our car? I don't know what will be under their car and so on. Obviously many things can happen in Formula One, everything can turn around. I don't want to think about this kind of situation."