The FIA has officially invited interested parties to submit bids to manufacturer the governing body's proposed 'standard customer engine'' from 2017.

Last month the FIA, in collaboration with FOM, announced it would be forging ahead with plans to develop a 'standard' engine that will be manufactured to alternative regulations in reaction to Ferrari vetoing original measures to introduce cost caps for the current generation power units.

Intended to be offered to all teams at a significantly lower price than the current V6 Hybrid power units produced by Mercedes, Ferrari, Renault and Honda, the move has been justified as a way of offering a cheaper alternative for cash-strapped customer teams and ensuring no team is left without a guaranteed supply.

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Though the move has met with opposition from the engine manufacturers - but supported by the likes of Red Bull -, the FIA and FOM remain steadfast in its intentions, with the latest step being a call to potential manufacturers to signal their interest in becoming the exclusive standard supplier for three years.

"The FIA has decided to launch a consultation among the engine manufacturers in order to potentially identify for the 2017, 2018 and 2019 seasons of the aforementioned Championship an exclusive alternative engine manufacturer which will be solely entitled to supply this alternative engine to the competitors entered for said seasons of the Championship.

"The FIA is now calling for expressions of interest to identify candidates interested in becoming the exclusive supplier of the alternative engine to the competitors."

The move by the FIA has generated a rift between the manufacturers, with Mercedes Toto Wolff refuting he suggestion it makes a profit from supplying its engines when development is taken into account, while Ferrari says commercial commitments were behind its decision to veto the original cost cap proposals.