Valtteri Bottas says he is unfazed by any home-grown criticism he may have received in the wake of his second collision in three races with fellow Finn Kimi Raikkonen.

The pair came together in both the Russian Grand Prix and the Mexican Grand Prix, with Bottas coming off worse in the former and former champion Raikkonen retiring with damage in the latter.

Though Raikkonen was punished for his part in causing an 'avoidable collision' in Sochi, Bottas was not found at fault in the second instance in Mexico.

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With the Williams driver going on to finish on the podium to strengthen his bid to secure fourth in the standings over Raikkonen, Bottas has been the subject of criticism from Raikkonen fans, even within his native Finland.

Despite this, Bottas says he doesn't pay much attention to what is said about him, accepting that the former champion will always garner more support.

"I haven't read anything after Mexico, I only read after Sochi," he said. "Obviously there's a big following for Kimi in Finland, because he's a World Champion and he has a lot more fans. That's fine with me, that's how it is and I haven't checked anything recently because I know I can get a lot of shit from time to time. I've also got a lot of support and I'm thankful for that."

With Raikkonen refusing to apportion blame to Bottas after the Mexico clash, Bottas says he is not seeking reconciliation talks with his countryman.

"I'm OK with the whole situation. We haven't spoken since and I don't think there's any need to. In racing sometimes you hit other cars, sometimes you don't. Last time around we hit each other. It was unlucky it was him and me again, but that's racing."