It appears that it has got to the point where Jenson Button and McLaren team-mate Fernando Alonso have to laugh about their McLaren-Honda woes lest they burst into tears.

While Alonso's car ground to a halt once again, this time before he was able to complete a lap in qualifying, Button soldiered on, only to wind up just a handful of places better off than the Spaniard, the pair split by only the tardy Manors on Sunday's grid.

While shots of Alonso relaxing in a trackside deckchair set the internet alight post-qualifying, Button was left to try and explain the latest disappointment although, once again, he tried to shed a positive light on what is fast becoming a desperate - and embarrassing - situation for two once great F1 names.

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"The car was much better in qualifying, working much better, but we were still last," he smiled wistfully, "We were a lot closer to the others - I think I was half a tenth away from getting through to Q2 - so it was much better than before. The car felt much more enjoyable to drive and let's hope it gets even better for the race."

Despite his dire grid position, on the inside of row nine prior to any penalties being applied, the 2009 world champion also tried to must some confidence for Sunday's 72-lap race, which could make for a long afternoon unless, of course, the gremlins kick in.

"We were a lot closer to P15 than I expected," he continued, "We didn't have the right aero balance in the morning and what we have now should work well in the race. But we'll have to see how the deployment will work in the race. Anything will help us - if it rains, it opens up many opportunities and hopefully we'll be able to capitalise on one of them."

Alonso's japes weren't confined to hamming it up for the cameras, and both he and Button sneaked to a place long forgotten.

"Yes, Fernando and I have just been on the podium," Button admitted whilst the latter stages of qualifying were going on, "It was our only chance this year. It's been a while for both of us since we've been up there, so let's hope we don't get into trouble because of that. It was the most fun I've had this weekend!"