Lewis Hamilton has indicated he isn't as comfortable in the Mercedes as he was earlier in the season, saying the 'car has changed' since Singapore.

Following his rampant run to a third career F1 world title, Hamilton's form has dipped in recent races compared with team-mate Nico Rosberg, who has now started the last five races from pole position and been victorious in Mexico and Brazil.

With some media pointing out that Hamilton hasn't qualified on pole position since the Italian Grand Prix in September and has only won one lights-to-flag race since in Japan, the question was posed over whether changes to the tyre pressures could have had an effect.

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Hamilton and Rosberg's car was judged to be running incorrect tyre pressures ahead of the Monza race, though it escaped punishment as Mercedes had broken no rule in terms of procedure.

Though Hamilton is unsure of whether the necessary changes to the tyre pressures have had an effect, he does suggest the car hasn't felt as good since the following event in Singapore.

"From Singapore onwards there's been a change to the car - but whether or not that's made a difference, I don't know really. We'll have to see. But it has changed since Singapore.

Team-mate Rosberg - who says there is no one clear reason as to why his form in the final races has picked up -, refuted the suggestion, insisting he has simply improved.

"I don't think [the tyre pressure have an effect]. I just raised my game."

Hamilton has won three races since the Italian Grand Prix, though two of those were premeditated by Rosberg retiring whilst leading in Russia and the German making a mistake whilst leading in Austin.