Lewis Hamilton says more needs to be done to spice up the racing at certain venues after complaining the design of the cars is preventing many from attempting overtakes at circuits like Interlagos.

The new champion says he was pushing hard to try and overtake Nico Rosberg in the Brazilian Grand Prix, but couldn't ever get close enough to attempt a pass without destroying his tyres.

Frustrated that certain circuits don't appear to suit the current generation of Formula 1, though Hamilton says venues like Austin are conducive to action, venues like Interlagos - which he otherwise describes as 'great' to drive - don't suit the current regulations.

"I love this track, it's such a great circuit but unfortunately it's so difficult to overtake. You get to within a second and you just lose downforce and there's no way you can get any closer. The DRS zone is maybe not long enough. If that was to be the thing to make the difference, it's almost not long enough

"Motorsport is about fine lines, you know, about tenths of a second, but you can't get close enough within a tenth of a second to be able to fight. It's a shame because it would be good if we did some overtaking here."

"Something's got to change, because some races you can follow which enables you to have some good racing,. Obviously places like Austin where there was the last decent race but otherwise there are some places it's [not so good].

"I guess for fans it's probably not too exciting to watch. Of course, it's always nice when you're at the front, as we have been for some time now - but still, being able to race is what [we want] and also down the back with the rest of the field, is probably what fans want to see. That's probably a change that would be looked positively on."

Even so, Hamilton doesn't expect to see any changes, lamenting that driver opinion doesn't hold much sway.

"At the end of the day it doesn't really matter what we say because it can't happen. The big bosses make the decisions and whether or not they make the right ones for many years, who knows."


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