Lewis Hamilton is resigned to having no freedom in terms of strategy this weekend during the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Hamilton, who has floundered a bit since securing his third successive Drivers' title in Austin, was forced to settle for second for the second race in a row last time out in Brazil, ruing the
fact he wasn't allowed to do something different to team-mate and eventual winner, Nico Rosberg.

Asked for his thoughts ahead of the event this weekend and if Mercedes should give them that freedom at the Yas Marina, especially given it is the last race and everything is decided, Hamilton replied: "I don't really have any thoughts on it, to be honest. It doesn't really make a difference what my thoughts are.

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"We're going to be racing, the strategist will give whoever's up ahead the best strategy and the guy behind will have the second-best strategy, so I don't have any thoughts on it," he reiterated.

Meanwhile, while he may have had to settle for the runners-up spot in Interlagos and in Mexico, Hamilton added that he believes this season has been his best yet, given he again took the title, sealing it with three races remaining.

"Obviously all different experiences," he said, "but it's been the best year of my career. I'm in a very fortunate position with a lot of great work done by the team. One of the best races was Austin, probably the pinnacle of the year for me. I'm excited to be here in Abu Dhabi [too] with the 44th UAE national day and I'm trying to win my 44th race, which I still haven't done so it's cool how it all kind of ties in."

Hamilton has a great record at the Yas Marina Circuit and having won in 2011 and 2014, has only one goal this weekend.

"There are tracks that suit some driver's styles more than others," he continued. "Ideally you would like your style to suit everywhere, but all the same, there are some tracks that you just happen to go better at.

"This is a bit like a karting track - there is a lot of late braking and bouncing off the kerbs and really having to throw the car around, it works to an aggressive driving style I guess. I have had some great experiences here, even from the first race, of which I was leading when my car failed.

"It is always a great finale too. You have some good battles, the weather is always fantastic, great fans, and for me this weekend, I had an amazing time here last year. I am here to try and do something similar."