Sebastian Vettel has praised Ferrari for the way it has 'digested big changes' in the team to re-emerge as a front running force in 2015 following a dismal 2014 campaign.

After switching from Red Bull over the winter, Vettel has proven the most consistent challenger to the otherwise dominant Mercedes' of Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg in 2015, finishing off the podium on just five occasions this season.

Indeed, though Vettel says the achievements of Ferrari in 2015 deserve particular recognition for the way it has adapted to changes over the winter, not least his own arrival in place of Fernando Alonso.

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"I think it's pretty clear things have changed inside Ferrari compared to the year before," he said. "People are much more fired up and there were big changes over the last winter with new talent on board and people shifting positions.

"Big changes are not easy to digest for a big team but I think we managed things pretty well throughout the season to improve the car, the engine, the Power Unit and we can be pretty happy."

However, when asked to 'rate' his season out of ten, Vettel says there is room for improvement until it wins the title again.

"I'd only give ourselves a ten if we would have won the championship, but considering all the things I've just explained and the difficulties we had at the start of the season I'd mark this season between a seven and a nine."