Pat Symonds has explained the reasons behind Williams' decision not to pursue rigorous appeal process against Felipe Massa's exclusion from the Brazilian Grand Prix, even though he is certain it would have succeeded.

Massa lost his eighth place finish at Interlagos after stewards recorded his pre-race tyre temperature to be 137 degrees - a substantial 27 degrees above the permitted level.

Williams immediately appealed the exclusion, suggesting it had data that proved its calculations were correct and the readings coming from the FIA stewards suggested faulty devices.

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Despite this, Williams has since opted to drop its appeal given the lengthy process - which it is in favour for - would be a 'terrible thing for the sport' over an eighth place result.

"The FIA Court of Appeal is a very rigorous, actually a very good, process - some very respectable judges and what have you. You can't just go in there and waffle. You need to have good representation and get all your facts together and therefore there is a hell of a lot of work to it.

"If we had decided to follow the process through there is no doubt the appeal would have been heard after the end of the season and I think that is a terrible thing for the sport."

Indeed, Symonds says there was little point in spending money to reclaim a result that would have no bearing on its confirmed third position in the constructors' standings

"From a sporting perspective we didn't need to win the appeal, our third place is there and in fact amusingly the loss of those 4 points does nothing other than reduce our entry fee for next year. When I told Charlie that this morning, he asked if we were going to split it between us... But I think if the appeal had gone at the end of the season, it is not good [as I said] for the sport. So, really there was no reason to do it."

Despite this, Symonds says it remains important for Williams to prove it was not at fault for the exclusion, but feels it has proven itself regardless.

"I think it is really important we protect the reputation of Williams because the facts as they stand at the moment, we have been excluded for breaking the regulations, whether it is by intent or accident doesn't matter. It is still reflects on our ability as a team and our integrity as a team. I'd like to just explain to you why I believe we didn't break the rules and what evidence we have that we would have put before the court had it come to that."