Max Verstappen says overtaking in F1 feels 'normal' to him as he brought a fine first season in Formula 1 to a close having cracked the top ten on ten occasions in 2015.

Having courted headlines and controversy in the run up to his maiden F1 campaign with Toro Rosso after being signed before his first season of car racing had even finished, Verstappen vindicated his reputation with several standout performances.

Scoring best results of fourth place in Hungary and United States, Verstappen's efforts were highlighted by a number of charging drives to negate the limitations of the underpowered Renault-powered package.

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With aggressive passes in Monaco, Spa and Interlagos coming in for particular praise, Verstappen insists he isn't intentionally trying to make an impression with bolshie passes, saying the moves are simply 'normal' for him.

"For me it feels normal," he said. "It's what I like to do! It is, of course, nice to hear [praise], but I just try to be myself and do what I always did."

Ending the season 12th in the standings, just nine points shy of the top ten, having scored in nine of the final 12 races, the Dutchman admits it is a shame experience held him back initially.

"It has been a very eventful season. Maybe the first six or seven races could have been a bit better, but I've learned a lot and my experience grows race by race. I'm much more confident in the car and know what to do now when I jump in so, definitely, it's much more relaxing now."