The Spanish Grand Prix is to have its local funding cut by half in 2016, it has been reported.

Barcelona's city council plans to cut its contribution towards the event from 4 million Euros to 2 million this year, as its moves to phase out its support entirely.

Barcelona's first deputy mayor, Gerardo Pisarello told local media - including El Confidencial and Diario Sport - that Formula 1 is "not a priority", but that the funding had not been "abruptly" cut as this could have "serious consequences". Instead it will be phased out giving promoters time to come up with a "viability plan" so that it can become "self-sufficient, little by little."

The event currently has a deal in place with FOM boss Bernie Ecclestone until 2019, having inked a new contract last spring. This year's Spanish Grand Prix is scheduled to take place on May 15, the fifth round on the F1 2016 calendar.


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how much are the general admission tickets to Spain ?big % general admission or better question I wonder how many % VIP ? How many people show up total ? All the F1 races have big spectators numbers for the 1st couple years then it goes down ,with the drivetrains they have now playing the green idea they are very expensive . Sebring is probably the most successful fan count race in the USA long term over 50 years, good car #'s ,bad car #'s still packed every year with over 100000 150000 people privately owned track with the whole area into promoting a good time . they sell all the spots around the track to RV's out every year .my Mothers family lived there and attended it for decades

the way COTA got the 25 million was that they had to produce that much tax Revenue COTA based everything on that for F1 no tax revenue no money they also started out with a 500 million Dollar debt. they have listened to Aksland who left to co venture Moto America with Wayne Rainey he said the General Admission ticket buyer is the most important customer we have ! as I mentioned earlier 6 races for 229.00 a great deal F1 and MOGP have enforced seating the other 4 events don't ! it's killer for us we will see what happens

can the promoters and tracks make a profit ?

Bernie inked a deal earlier ? we have the same problem here in USA Ilove going to all of the motoring events at Cota 6 this year $229.00 I did the same thing last year just alone F1 is about 200.00 and MOGP is the same 200.00 . F1 was subsidized by the state of Texas for 25 Million ,not for 2016 only 20 million the terrible cold rain was a disaster for 2015 now there is a big question mark is the 5 million going to run it away ?I've gone to F1 since 1973 Watkins Glen I've watched very bad race decisions from a Parking lot F1 track at Las Vegas to a Oven at over 110 degrees all day at Phoenix flops oh yes and the 1984 Dallas state fair grounds mess always once Bernie was there he was paid even for a very bad show like Indy when what was it 11 cars that ran ? when will real stability ever come back ?