Lewis Hamilton has given more short shrift to the proposal of new rules and regulations for 2016, labelling the introduction of 'Driver of the Day' as 'pointless'.

In an effort to engage with fans during race weekends, the FIA has announced a Driver of the Day award will be introduced for the opening round, with the winner decided by viewers.

With the winner rewarded, Mercedes' Nico Rosberg has supported the move, saying it is a good way to reach out to fans, but his team-mate Hamilton is rather less impressed by its introduction.

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"It's probably good for the youngsters that are coming in, but Driver of the Day doesn't sound good to me. It seems like a pointless exercise.

"I don't really have positive things to say about these rules. I just think these ideas they are coming up with are no good."

"I don't know what the other drivers want but I don't care to be consulted about it. I just don't think they are particularly special or will add to the spectacle for the fans and that's what we've got to do. Definitely on race weekends, for example we are limited on tyres and engines so we do less running.

"When these people turn up and spend so much money to watch a test day they are sat there watching nothing for a period of time because we have no tyres. There are loads of things I just feel it's to make headlines and all it does is cause everyone to talk about it, but it's not going to make much difference."


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the FIA dinosaurs are missing the point as usual, what we the fans want to see is wheel to wheel racing, and quality overtaking, the best way to 'reach out to the fans' is for the drivers etc to get out there and HAVE to spend time doing autograph signings on a race weekend, at the track fans could buy a limited amount of tickets to autograph signings and donate the money raised to charities, seems like a win win to me, 'driver of the day' awards will cause more hassle than happiness total waste of time