Daniil Kvyat has been awarded the F1 Driver of the Day award for his impressive charge to third place at the Chinese Grand Prix.

After a first-corner incident with the Ferrari duo of Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen, which saw the Russian make a robust pass on Vettel which the German blamed for making him collide with his team-mate, Kvyat found strong race pace on all Pirelli compounds and despite conceding second to Vettel late on comfortably grabbed Red Bull's first podium of the year.

His second career rostrum, after taking his maiden rostrum with second place in Hungary last year, was enough to give the 21-year-old his first F1 Driver of the Day award.

Kvyat's first Driver of the Day award ends Romain Grosjean's run of two straight honours from Australia and Bahrain. The F1 Driver of the Day award is a new introduction for 2016 to increase engagement between the sport and its fans.


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perthBoy: Well he did better than grosion (just), but come on. Gifted a podium again and the world celerbrates a second class driver.[\blockquote]

might i guess that you are from oz and a bit of sour grapes have been swallowed?

*Richard... whether PerthBoy is from Oz (sour grapes, etc) is irrelevant... as the fact is Dan Ricciardo drove a masterful race when compared with Kyviat's "pedestrian" race, also not forgetting DR's quali achievements. It's just a farce to suggest that Kyviat was Driver of the Day