Lewis Hamilton has insisted his life away from Formula One is very much a positive and will help him as he looks to bounce back from a tough start to the 2016 campaign.

Hamilton heads to the Spanish Grand Prix this coming week looking to end Nico Rosberg's run of victories. A myriad of technical issues and in-race incidents have left the Briton 43 points adrift of his Mercedes team-mate in the Drivers' Championship after just four rounds and a win in Barcelona would be the perfect way for the three-time F1 World Champion to start the European season.

Hamilton has been criticised in the past for his activities away from the track, despite his successes, but he reckons his 'other' life is actually beneficial and helps him switch off from the pressures of F1.

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"I think in life if you have a difficult experience and then you go and lock yourself in a room and you don't have anything else to occupy your brain but to think of that and what's just happened, that's not healthy at all," Hamilton explained. "So is it good that I get to go and do other things? Absolutely. As soon as I've finished the race I stop thinking about it, I switch off...

"I mean I was in the factory the Tuesday before Russia where I put a lot of energy into it and then during the week, receiving and sending emails with my engineers, so I am studying bit by bit but in my own time and on the flight here, but generally very...

"And then when you arrive at the weekend that's when you know, it's that week, it's that week, meaning you start to put all of the energy into it so maybe that's part of it, maybe it's also shrugging off...

"Like you do care but you don't care, you don't worry about it."

Meanwhile, Hamilton said his goals for the remainder of the season and the remainder of his racing career are simple, although beyond that he wants to do a lot more.

"The goal in the racing is to excel in every opportunity that I have. I still want to win championships, still want to win races, I don't know why I still have the drive to do those things because I've had quite a few of them, but that's what I love doing so I will continue to do it while I love it and not just to be in it to win it," he continued.

"Then the other areas I just want to try as many different things as I can. There's so much that I want to do and there's not enough time, for sure I love spending time doing my music, I love spending time with family and friends, I love the fashion stuff, I love kids so I really want to work more with kids, I want to work more with helping animals. It's so inhumane some of the things that are done to animals and also to human beings, trafficking, there's so many things that I want to get involved in and so hopefully I will have time in my life to become a part of as many as possible and by the time my time comes up in my life I can look back and say I've actually achieved a lot in terms of racing but also in other areas.

"At the moment I'm discovering that there is no rush, it's not like when you are leaving school and you have to figure out what you want your career to be, I'm discovering it as I go along," he concluded.