Haas F1 team principal Guenther Steiner says the American outfit will begin turning its attentions to developing next year's car in an effort to better prepare itself for a second season in the top flight.

Though it has struggled to match its superb results out of the box since claiming top six finishes in Australia and Bahrain, Haas has nonetheless firmly established itself amongst the mid-field as targeted.

Nevertheless, with only minor updates to come on the VF16, Steiner says Haas will begin to pool its efforts towards its sophomore campaign particularly with the adoption of the new regulation set.

"We are developing in the wind tunnel, as I think everybody else is," he said ahead of the Austrian Grand Prix. "But our main focus now is on 2017, our main focus is gone from '16. You can [only] do so much for '16 and where we ended up in '16 was better than anybody expected anyway, so let's focus on next year.

"If you focus now on '16 that car has got another 12 races left. Next year's car has hopefully five years left and if you build a good platform to start off with its almost impossible to catch up with. Look at the Mercedes example, they come out with a rocket with the new regulations, nobody could catch up.

"Everyone gets close but to make the big leap is almost impossible because your wind-tunnel time is restricted so nobody can do more to get better. Obviously we are focusing on next year because it doesn't just mean next year, it's the next five years."