Felipe Massa says contract negotiations for 2017 have begun and he is determined to make his own decision rather than be forced into one as he aims to stay in F1.

The Williams driver has been rumoured as heading to the exit to make way for Jenson Button next season at the British team but Massa says he will decide his own future and says he is no nearer a deal for next year.

Massa did make it clear he wants to make the decision for himself rather than a team or other external influences.

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"Nothing will be made for me I will choose what I want to do," Massa said. "The time will be the right answer. So I just relax and think about my driving.

"Honestly I don't know what is going to happen but things can happen in the right way. I will decide what I want to do."

The Williams driver is also setting his heart on remaining in F1 next year and stay competitive rather than just being 'here to participate'.

"I believe I will race in a team where I have important work to do," he said. "I'm not here to participate, I am here to race, to try to be competitive and that is what I am trusted for. We have started talks but the time will be the right answer. We will see."

Massa joined Williams in 2014 after ending an eight-year stretch at Ferrari and has claimed five podiums with the British team plus one pole position taken at Austria upon the Red Bull Ring's return to the F1 calendar.