Sebastian Vettel says despite the pressure Ferrari president Sergio Marchionne is putting the team under in the demand for results he is aware of the continual and huge developments the squad is making in F1.

Marchionne has openly voiced his dissatisfaction to Ferrari's performances at the start of 2016 after the strides of progress made to catch Mercedes last year.

Vettel has consistently praised Ferrari for its developments and work but say nobody in the team is happy until it is back in front again.

The German driver accepts Marchionne's demands but says the Ferrari head is also aware of the lengths and efforts the team is putting in to achieve the desired results.

"I think if you look where we've been as a team and where we are now, we've made a big, big step," Vettel said. "Our president is very aware of what's going on, he's very much interested at what's going on inside the factory, what's good and what's bad, where the weaknesses and strengths are and I'd probably agree with him statements.

"We need to improve, we don't have the best car - it's not a secret, so I don't see where's the big news - but we want to have the best car; we don't have the best engine, but we want to have the best engine.

"I think in all fields we've made progress, more than anybody else has, so there's also reasons to be proud but for sure what we're here for is to win races, what Ferrari is here for is to win races - that's true."

Looking forward to the Austrian Grand Prix, Vettel sees Ferrari's performance levels stepping up from Baku and Montreal with the track characteristics of the Red Bull Ring playing to the strengths of the Ferrari.

"I think we can expect to be competitive, but how competitive, we've seen every weekend that some circuit characteristics might suit you more than others, so I cannot give you a number," Vettel said. "I'm quite confident we'll be a lot closer than in Baku, I'm quite confident we'll be as competitive or even more competitive than we were in Montreal."