Pirelli has selected the red-banded super-soft tyres for the first time for the Italian Grand Prix at Monza along with the softs and mediums.

Marking the end of the European stint of the season, Pirelli will introduce the super-softs to Monza for the first time having seen consistent performance and degradation on many occasions this year prompting the tyre manufacturer to go a step softer than 2015.

As expected an extra set of super-softs will be given to the top ten qualifiers for Q3 and all driver must use at least one set of the softs of mediums during the Italian Grand Prix.

Each team and driver will now make its selection of the 10 remaining sets with a minimum one set of each compound given by Pirelli.

The Italian Grand Prix is set to host the 14th round of the 2016 F1 championship at Monza on the 1-4 September.