Lewis Hamilton has led the calls for changes to be made to the kerbs around the Red Bull Ring after a high-speed suspension failure and crash for Daniil Kvyat in qualifying for the Austrian Grand Prix.

Kvyat crashed heavily after running wide at turn eight and damaging the suspension on the kerbs, the Toro Rosso spearing out of control to clip the inside barrier at turn nine before coming to rest at the exit of the corner.

It comes after Max Verstappen aired his concerns about the kerbs after damaging his car in FP1, while they would be also be blamed for the suspension failures suffered by Nico Rosberg in FP3 and Sergio Perez in qualifying ahead of Kvyat's smash.

Though Kvyat was unharmed in the accident, it has prompted drivers to call on the FIA to consider making changes overnight, including pole sitter Hamilton, who fears 'someone could get hurt'.

"I can't speak on behalf of all the drivers but for me looking at it those yellow kerbs look quite dangerous, we've now seen a couple of incidents already. I don't know how many more of those it's going to take before a car ends up in the wall and someone gets hurt, so something we need to... I

"I'm sure it's something and the FIA are looking at, but that's definitely an area we can improve. I think the idea's good because they don't want us running wide and using the outside of the circuit, but maybe another solution is going to be needed."

Kvyat himself has also called for changes, mirroring Verstappen by labelling the kerbs as 'dangerous'.

"At the last corner, everyone is going off [with] four wheels, they wanted to make it better but actually they made it worse," he told Sky Sports F1.

"I think this year the track needs a bit of review, because the track limits is an issue and these kerbs are not very cool, and they are very dangerous actually."