Nico Rosberg has been handed a ten-second penalty as punishment for his collision with Mercedes team-mate Lewis Hamilton on the final lap of the Austrian Grand Prix, but retains his fourth place result.

Rosberg and Hamilton collided at turn two on the final lap of the race after Hamilton attempted to pass around the outside of the right-hand hairpin, only for the pair to make contact as the Briton turned in.

With Hamilton surviving the impact to snatch the lead and claim victory, Rosberg limped home in fourth position with his damaged Mercedes W07, only to find his result was under investigation for the aforementioned accident.

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However, while Mercedes blamed a brake-by-wire failure and Rosberg maintained he was justified in defending his line, the stewards didn't agree, blaming the German for 'causing a collision' and handing down a ten-second time penalty.

Despite this, Rosberg retains his fourth place result having been 14secs clear of fifth place Daniel Ricciardo by the time he came across the line. It means the gap between Rosberg and Hamilton at the head of the standings remains 11 points.

"Having taken note of the extensive evidence given by both driver and the video and telemetry data, it was apparent that Car 44 (Hamilton) was in front of Car 6 (Rosberg) and that the driver of Car 44 could have clearly made the turn (T2) on the track, if not for the resultant collision," read the official FIA statement. "Car 6 did not allow Car 44 'racing room' and hence the driver of Car 6 was responsible for the collision'.

Rosberg was also reprimanded and handed two penalty points for continuing to the end in his damaged car. The penalty could have been worse but Rosberg proving he slowed sufficiently to prevent harm to drivers behind him.