Pirelli has outlined its plans for testing its new 'wider' tyres ahead of the 2017 Formula 1 World Championship, with Mercedes, Red Bull and Ferrari supplying the cars and all data being made available to rivals.

Earlier this year granted Pirelli 24 days of testing during the 2016 season to better prepare for a sweeping change in the technical regulations to make the F1 cars faster and more aggressive.

With much of this time gain expected to come from the tyres, Pirelli has confirmed it will use three modified 2015 specification cars - supplied by Mercedes, Red Bull and Ferrari - over 21 days (7 per car) at five different venues, before all teams come together for three days after the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix on November 29th for validation testing.

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The first Pirelli test will take place on August 1-2 at Fiorano using a Ferrari SF15-T in artificially damp conditions.

1. August 1-2 Fiorano Ferrari (Wet)
2. August 3-4 Mugello Red Bull (Slicks)
3. September 6-7 Barcelona Ferrari (Slicks)
4. September 6-7-8 Paul Ricard Mercedes (Slicks)
5. September 21-22 Paul Ricard Mercedes (Wet)
6. October 12-13 Barcelona Mercedes (Slicks)
7. October 14-15-16 Abu Dhabi Red Bull (Slicks)
8. November 2-3 Abu Dhabi Red Bull (Wet)
9. November 14-15-16 Abu Dhabi Ferrari (Slicks)
10. November 29-30-Dec 1 Abu Dhabi All teams (Final Validation)

Pirelli has confirmed all three teams will be obligated to share data with rival teams, thus getting around the corners that it could glean an advantage by getting to trial the 2017 specification tyres.

Pirelli gave a preview of the tyres - which grow by 60mm at the front and 80mm at the rear - at the Monaco Grand Prix.