Fernando Alonso says McLaren and Honda has made enough strides over the past twelve months that it is now able to focus on the 'details' that he believes will ultimately bring it up to competitive speed.

Twelve months on from McLaren-Honda's well documented difficulties as the revived constructor-engine relationship struggled to find its feet, the Anglo-Japanese partnership has yielded some promising results in 2016, with regular top ten finishes now being achieved.

Indeed, with both drivers urging the team to make steps throughout 2015, Alonso believes McLaren and Honda can now begin focusing on the 'details' that will ultimately bring it to the front of the grid

"Last year we have to solve so many problems that it was never enough, we had to solve the reliability issues we had, the small mistakes we were doing, the facilities were not running 100 per cent, we didn't have enough people, and we didn't have enough deployment," he said.

"There were many, many things to put in place so even the steps were difficult to feel because everything was covered by the bigger picture.

"I think now, this year, that we can concentrate more on the details, everything is more sensible and the smaller steps we do we can feel it because we are also in the middle of the pack, we are not two seconds away from the Sauber. This year every three or four tenths we will overtake maybe six cars, in the next qualifying, so it's quite welcome."

With Honda introducing another upgrade to its engine package having spent a further two tokens, Alonso is expecting another step forward for the British Grand Prix at Silverstone.

"I expect another step in performance, especially in the engine side, the car is basically similar, or the same as Austria, but the characteristics of the components is probably is a little bit better for us and then extra power, hopefully we can be more competitive and get back into the points, which I miss from Monaco.

"Canada, Azerbaijan and Austria were a little bit of bad luck and some errors and mistakes we did, so this is the race where hopefully we change this situation and come back to our normal standards."