Nico Rosberg will start second for the British Grand Prix after stewards decided to take no action over an alleged rule breach in qualifying.

The German has been accused of breaching Article 27.5 of the F1 Sporting Regulations, which states he has potentially exceeded the maximum set time set by the FIA between the Safety Car line after the pit exit and the Safety Car line before the pit entry.

This occurred during Q1 and means his 'slow down' lap between two fast runs exceeded the maximum delta of what is permitted by the stewards.

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However, as Rosberg was not on an 'in lap' at the time, he isn't considered to be in breach and thus no further action has been deemed necessary.

"On in laps you need to keep to above a minimum time to not drive excessively slowly. But during qualifying, if it is not an in lap, you can do that. And it was just on one of my slow laps I went slow and since it wasn't an in lap it was fine."

The maximum time was introduced to prevent drivers on fast laps potentially getting caught up with much slower cars.